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Wire Grid Polarizer Based on Plastic Films

Jul 20, 2021 | inVISION, News

Image: Fraunhofer-Institut IFAM

WGF TM is a wire grid polarizer based on plastic films developed by Asahi Kasei. Together with Fraunhofer IFAM, the performance and usability of these films in the field of sensors, measurement technology and other optical applications was investigated and validated. Through the use of nanosized metal wires, this filter has a high polarisation separation performance in the broad wavelength range, from the visible to the infrared spectral range to the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum. By using plastic films as a carrier medium, the WGF can be adapted to almost any surface and shaped accordingly. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance compared to a typical absorption polariser.

Fraunhofer-Institut IFAM


Autonomous Picking
Autonomous Picking

ActiNav is a UR+ application kit that simplifies the integration of autonomous bin picking of parts and accurate placement in machines using UR cobots. It synchronously handles vision processing, collision-free motion planning and autonomous real-time robot control.


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