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Simplified Vision Sensor Parameterization

The O2D5xx series vision sensors by IFM reduce the effort required for programming and commissioning. Users are guided step by step through the parameterization process in software. Standard applications can be easily implemented with ready-made wizards. The so-called logic layer enables pictorial programming and logical links. A mode with numerous additional functions is included for vision experts. To avoid interference from extraneous light, the sensor takes up to five images in quick succession with different exposure times. The software selects the image with the optimum exposure and evaluates it. With the aid of an optional polarization filter, interference caused by reflections on metallic surfaces can also be avoided. The sensors are equipped with a memory stick. In the event of a device replacement, the stick can be used to transfer all necessary settings and parameters to a new device.

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Autonomous Picking
Autonomous Picking

ActiNav is a UR+ application kit that simplifies the integration of autonomous bin picking of parts and accurate placement in machines using UR cobots. It synchronously handles vision processing, collision-free motion planning and autonomous real-time robot control.


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