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AI and Embedded Vision Trends of Embedded World 2020

Mar 2, 2020 | Allgemein, inVISION, Topstory

Embedded World 2020 was affected by the cancellation of numerous companies due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless, there were numerous interesting new products for embedded vision and AI to be seen at the fair, which are briefly presented in this follow-up report.
Bild 3: Den embedded award in der Kategorie Embedded Vision hat DC Vision Systems für die Real-Time 3D-Stereo-Kamera DC-SVP gewonnen.
The Embedded Award in the Embedded Vision category was won by DC Vision Systems for the real-time 3D stereo camera DC-SVP. (Image: TeDo Verlag GmbH)


Despite the numerous cancellations by some 200 companies, the exhibitors in Nuremberg were quite satisfied with the visitor response. The visitors found numerous classic machine vision exhibitors, especially in the Embedded Vision Area, which was held for the first time, who presented their embedded competence there. The main trend at the exhibition was again AI, which is very closely linked to the subject of machine vision, so that numerous Embedded Vision exhibitors and users will again make their way to the exhibition in 2021. The Embedded World 2021 will take place from 2 to 4 March in Nuremberg, hopefully without flu-like side effects.

Highlights of the Embedded World (in alphabetical order)

Real-Time 3D Stereo Camera

Thanks to its integrated processor and FPGA hardware accelerator, the DC-SVP stereo camera allows 3D geometries to be measured directly on the camera.

White Box AI per heat map

The Grade-CAM tool helps by means of a heatmap to analyse which parts of an image had a strong influence on the Deep Learning classification.


AI integration for beginners

Even users without FPGA or VHDL knowledge can integrate their own AI application solutions into the iCam smart camera thanks to a special SoC architecture.

Dual GPU power

The GPC-1000 expandable dual-GPU-AI computing system offers the power of two GPUs and 1,500W power budget management.

Individual AI in 48h

Wahtari generates custom AI models. It takes less than 48 hours from inquiry to proof of concept.

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inVISION at home

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Fingers Crossed

Probably none of us imagined March 2020 at the beginning of the year like this.

Who’s next?

Unfortunately, the coronavirus currently has the trade fair landscape firmly under its control.

Access to AI

Meanwhile more and more users have made their first experiences with AI.

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